BAC offers a one-stop solution in road freight clearing services. This department has the capacity to clear cargo, point-to-point, thus giving relief to transporters and exporters in having to deal with multiple agencies and currencies. All point-to-point clearing is done under the BAC banner—therefore making BAC the focal point.

The convenience of this method is that drivers do not carry huge amounts of money, which would make them prone to hijackings. All monies to do with border services are paid on a flexible 30 day credit facility—which is available to a transporter / exporter when they sign up with BAC.

Our road clearing department is currently home to some of Southern Africa’s biggest transporters, and home to BAC Transport. The clearing team is made up of well-trained customs clerks, who are fully CargoWise certified. The team is always on standby to help transporters with customs related issues that may emanate at the borders or in transit.

Our highly advanced clearing system enables us to simultaneously clear and pre-clear trucks with all our representative offices throughout Southern Central Africa. This means that we are able to drastically cut the standing time at the border(s). BAC has a footprint at all borders of South Africa as well as selected borders in Southern Central Africa.